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Does my child belong in the Gulf Coast Texans Select Soccer Program?

The Gulf Coast Texans Select Soccer Program and the Pensacola Futbol Club Recreational Soccer Program work together to provide an opportunity for youth at all levels of skill and competitive spirit to play the sport of soccer. The goal of the Recreational Program is to provide exposure of soccer in the community to youth that possess a wide variety of skill levels for the purpose of promoting good health, sportsmanship, teamwork, and developing a love for the game. Through this recreational experience, there are players that discover they have special skills and a competitive spirit they would like to develop further. These players want to do more to be the best soccer player that they can be. Becoming the best you can be is done through advanced technical and tactical training at a young age, ongoing competitive play with highly skilled players, and thousands of touches on the ball over a 10 month period each year under the guidance of a paid coaching staff. For that reason, the Gulf Coast Texans have a professional staff that posses a variety of soccer experiences including college coaching (current and past), advanced training licenses, and a history of competitive play themselves. After reading this information below, you can then see the bio's of the entire staff in the COACHING section of the Gulf Coast Texans website.

Bottom line...trying out for the Gulf Coast Texans select soccer program is the next logical step for your child if he or she has a love for the game, demonstrates skill levels beyond their peers, has a desire to compete and improve, and wants to be one of the top players on their high school or college team when they reach that time in their life.

When should my child start select training?

The foundation of the critical advanced technical training that is required to become a top soccer player occurs between the ages of U10 and U12. For most youth, this would be between 4th and 6th grade - with some beginning in 3rd grade. There are select soccer teams available in one year age increments beginning at U10 and continuing through U18 for both boys and girls.

How much travel is there and how much does it cost?

One of the myths of select soccer is that you will be traveling every weekend. The term "travel" is used only because you do not always play at your home park and the reality is you will have more weekends 'off' than 'on' over a 10 month period. The majority of the tournaments and games are played between Daphne, AL and Destin, FL. Please check theTEAMS section of the Gulf Coast Texans website and you can see the past schedules of the teams for your child's age. The younger teams do not go out of town as often as the older teams that are starting to position themselves for college level play. However, it is important for our teams to periodically test their skills in competitive tournaments that are held in places such as Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, or Birmingham. You will also find that the fees for a 10 month season are probably not as expensive as you thought. You can view that information in the FEES/PAY ONLINE section of the website as they vary from age to age.

I think my child should be playing at a higher does he or she try out for a Gulf Coast Texans Select soccer team?

It is simple and there is no cost to try out. Simply follow the link to the TRYOUTS section of the Gulf Coast Texans website and submit your registration. The tryouts last two days. You will find the exact times for your child's age group at this same link.

Who will be my coach?

We will provide a list of coaches for each team no later than two weeks prior to tryouts.

What team will my player be on?

Teams are based upon the year of the player's birth and this is a significant change from previous years.  This is not a Texans policy; rather, it is implemented nationwide by all soccer affiliates. 

Players will try out based upon birth year and one or more teams will be selected from the pool of players (depending upon how many players are available) based upon criteria determined by the coach.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Select Program Tryout process, please contact our Select Commissioner, Chip Coleman: