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SuperLiga Division


If you missed our May tryouts, please reach out to

U9: 2013  Boys and Girls

U10: 2012  Boys and Girls



Bill Elliott - UWF Men's Head Coach 1995- present, GCT Boy's Superliga Director 2015- current

Questions about our program? Please come to tryouts and see what it's all about! You may also email Chrissy at

2021-22 season practices will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7:15pm. Season Begins August 2nd. 

Training Coaches:
Girls : Colleen Bartlinksi
Boys: Nic Cardosa

Lead Coaches:
2012- 2013 Girls: Alex Pickrell and Katie Vance
2012 Boys: Jason Godwin, Mike Yeager
2013 Boys: Matt Coverdale, Dylan Hite


About the SuperLiga Program

Our U9 and U10 SuperLiga Academy Program (2012-2013 birth year), is open to boys and girls. The SuperLiga program will serve as a preparatory program for the Gulf Coast Texans Select Division in U11. The focus will be on establishing the correct foundation of skills and decision making needed to make the transition to Select Level play at U11. Players will receive professional coaching twice a week and experience a number of different game play formats to facilitate and encourage player development.

The SuperLiga Academy hopes to attract the best young players in the area and provide the elite development program that they need to develop their game. It will also be a great option for the accomplished recreational player who now needs more than a traditional recreational program can offer, but doesn't carry the commitment of travel soccer. 

• Professional Coaching
• Elite Technical Training
• Focus on skills, fundamentals, foundational decision making
• Variety of game play formats
• Fun learning environment

2021-22 Fall Events (we aim for 1-2 event per month)
SNAP League (3 playdates)
Publix Super Cup (Foley)

Coastal Academy Cup (Foley)
Publix Blue Angel Classic (home)

*manager will provide accurate list of events*
League dates include 2 games on Saturday
Other events listed provide a minimum of 3 games on Saturday and Sunday. This gives you more games than the rec season while still being no more than one hour from home. 


Registration Fee August: $120.00

New Players joining in January $50.00

Club Dues: Seasonal Timeframe

August - May

$60 per month

Tournament Entry Fees

These are collected in August for fall events and January for spring events. These can vary from $100-400 for the entire season, depending on age group and events entered into. Discuss with team manager if questions. 

Q: Why the shift away from Travel Teams at U9/U10? 
A: We want to put the focus on the individual player at this age group and subject them to extensive technical training, fast paced small sided games, and basic decision making. We believe that putting the emphasis on an individuals' development, rather than a winning in a team format, will produce more accomplished players for the future.

Q: Does this mean that this program will be less competitive? 
A: Quite the opposite. Our staff are very motivated to produce creative soccer players, and intend to create a very demanding environment, while also keeping it fun. 

Q: When will they play games?..and what Format? 
A: In house friendlies and local friendlies as well as SNAP league. Local tournaments in Foley, Home, Perdido and possibly Destin. We aim to play 2 weekend events per month. Weekend events include a minimum of 2 games. 

U9/U10 is 7v7. 

Q: Can my player play other sports? 

Yes! Practices are Monday and Wednesday nights from 6-7:15pm. We understand there could be conflict in a practice or event and that's okay. Just communicate with the team manager. 

This sounds GREAT! How do I sign up? 
A: The season begins August 2. If you missed tryouts, please email Chrissy at