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Age Chart

2017 - 2018 Season Age Groups

Age Groups January - December
U4 2014
U5 2013
U6 2012
U7 2011
U8 2010
U9 2009
U10 2008
U11 2007
U12 2006
U13 2005
U14 2004
U15 2003
U16 2002
U17 2001
U18 2000
U19 1999
U20 1998

To use the age chart above:

1. Find the column listing the year the player was born

2. Scroll to the left to determine the player's age group


Example: A player is born in January of 2000. First, we locate the column with the year 2000 listed then we scroll left to see the player's age group for the season.


A player must have attained his/her fourth (4th) birthday prior to January 1st.,
or attain his/her 4th birthday prior to any participation in a sanctioned program or eligible to register.