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Atletico De Madrid Texans Affiliation Journey.

03/17/2016, 9:00am CDT
By Mark A. Carr

Athletico de Madrid Trip

Atletico De Madrid Texans Affiliation Journey...

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Our coaches’ trip to Madrid was a huge success! We got the chance to see up close why Atletico de Madrid is one of the top clubs in European football and the Champions’ League finalist. Every year, they are contenders to win La Liga.

Our week visit was full of observation of their training, meetings and seminars with directors of various departments as well as meeting the head of the International Expansion Department and attending league games. Below is the itinerary of our activities:

Day 1, February 29
A meeting between Paul Stewart (President of Dallas Texans) and Hassan Nazari (Executive Director of the Club) with the head of the Atletico de Madrid International Expansion Department Staff, Maria Teresa Chirivi. In this meeting, we discussed our partnership, expectations, player developmental strategy and the methodology of Atletico de Madrid Youth Academy.

Day 2, March 1
Morning: Arrival of the Dallas Texans’ coaches (Representatives from the Dallas Division, Florida and Canada). Meeting / Q&A Seminar with the Atletico de Madrid Youth Academy Director, Emilio Guiterrez.
Afternoon: Visit the Atletico de Madrid Residential campus and Q&A seminar with the residential coordinators, Juan Coronel and Javier Pecharroman.
Evening: Meeting with Atletico de Madrid President, Mr. Enrique Cerezo and attending Atletico de Madrid La Liga game vs. Real Socidad.

Day 3, March 2
Attending the First Team training, introduction and pictures with the First Team players and coaches including Diego Simeone. Observing the training sessions of the youth academy U-14, U-15, U-16. Meeting and Q&A seminar with the Methodology Supervisor, Sergio Piernas and the facility coordinator, Daniel Gonzalez-Sanz. Observing training sessions for U-17 and U-18.

Day 4, March 3
Morning: Attending the training session for the Reserve Team and U-19.
Evening: Meeting with the Psychology Department followed by Q&A seminar with the Head “Mental” coach Diego Gutierrez del Pozo. Attending training for U-15 and U-16.

Day 5, March 4
Morning: Attending training sessions for U-23, U-16 and U-18.
Evening: Meeting with Physical Fitness Department, seminar/Q&A with the lead physical trainer, Ivan Infantez. Attending training session for U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15 and U-17.

Day 6, March 5
Morning: Watching Academy team matches in the league including games at U-13 and U-17 between Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid for first and second place. Meeting with the Sport Director, Carlos Aguilera and the Technical Director, Miguel Angel Ruiz.
Evening: Attending a La Liga game.

This trip was the beginning of a great educational relationship for the Dallas Texans Club, players and coaches. The next step in this affiliation will be for our club to host several coaches from Atletico de Madrid.

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