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Gulf Coast Texans Soccer Academy News!

01/06/2014, 2:15pm CST


Everyone one knows that if you practice more often, harder and with quality, the great results will show. However, not even Coach Nic Cardoso, the GCT Academy coach, expected such amazing results in the first semester of the academy!

“With the level of intensity and dedication of these outstanding players, I knew the results would be a matter of time, but they surprised our soccer community with almost immediate results”, said Coach Cardoso.

The academy started the year with only 7 players, “It was somewhat disappointing to have these low numbers, we were expecting about 16 players, but for the players on the program it meant more attention from the Coach, therefore more chances to be corrected and pushed to the next level”, said Coach Nic.

Elijah, Mathew, Connor, Caio, LJ, Juliana, and Hannah have improved their soccer skills tremendously. Parents, teammates, and coaches have witnessed and celebrated their improvements and dedication to the academy program. Their achievements from their outstanding commitment to the academy training have also resulted in recognition not only within the club, but also at the state and national levels.

Connor and Caio maintained their spot on the Florida 99 ODP state pool and are now working to make the top team this year! LJ, was overlooked last year and stayed out of the 99 ODP state pool, however, after 3 months of intense training with the academy, he conquered his way back in! Same case as Hannah, that is now back at the 97 girls state pool! Juliana, besides being on the 99 ODP state pool, also made her way to Arizona, for the National ID2 training camp!

The results achieved by this young group of athletes can without a doubt be replicated in any age group and heterogeneous combination of athletes. The academy focus is to perfect athletes’ individual decision-making skills, technical ability, and fitness level. To work on personal, well-defined goals in a small groups with more opportunities for practice to mastery, provides athletes the ultimate environment for excellence. 

The results from training were undoubtedly fantastic! We are hoping that more players take advantage of this awesome opportunity. What is your goal with the game of soccer? Let GCT ACADEMY take you there. All we need is your hours of dedication! Come be part of this winning group! Spring season starting in February. Register NOW! 

Nic Cardoso

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