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Gulf Coast Texans Teams Dominate in the Blue Angel Classic!

10/15/2013, 7:45pm CDT
By Mark A. Carr

The Gulf Coast Texans, playing for pride and defending their home turf, came on strong and had great results  in this weekend's Blue Angel Classic!

20 Texan teams were either the Champion or Finalist in their division! Way to go Texans!

U10 Girls- Gold Finalist
U10 Girls Red- Silver CHAMPION
U11 Girls- Gold Finalist
U11 Girls Red- Silver Finalist
U12 Girls- Gold CHAMPION
U12 Girls Red- Silver Semi-Finalist
U13 Girls- Gold Finalist
U14 Girls- Gold CHAMPION (in U15 Gold)
U15 Girls- Gold Finalist (in U16 Gold)
U16 Girls- Gold CHAMPION
U16 Girls White - Gold Semi-Finalist
U17 Girls- Gold CHAMPION (in U19 Gold)

U11 Boys- Gold Finalist
U12 Boys East- Gold CHAMPION
U14 Boys- Gold Finalist
U15 Boys- Gold CHAMPION
U16 Boys- Gold CHAMPION
U16 Boys East- Gold Finalist
U17 Boys- Gold CHAMPION
U17 Boys East- Gold CHAMPION (in U19 Division)
U18 Boys- Gold Finalist (in U19 Gold)

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