Pensacola Futbol Club's select program recently affiliated with the Dallas Texans Soccer Club, rated the #1 Soccer Program in the country by Soccer America magazine.  Our select level teams, from ages U11-U18, are known as the GULF COAST TEXANS(GCT).  Our philosophy and commitment to player development is to: 

Promote the game of soccer. 

Create an environment in which players can reach their full potential and achieve the self-confidence andpositive self-esteem necessary to be successful both on and off the soccer field. 

Develop individual skills and team tactics to enable players and/or teams to compete at the state, regional, and national level. 

Assist college bound players in obtaining scholarships.

We believe in the graduated development of soccer skills through exceptional coaching and advanced techniques.  We have an aggressive drive for victory; yet seek to accomplish this goal within the proper framework -- by instilling character and sportsmanship within the youth athlete.  Realization by all that soccer remains only a game is an inherent aspect of the philosophy of the Club that must always be recognized


The Directors of Coaching, and the Board recognized that the best way to bring people into the club and grow the game of soccer is to offer more and better opportunities for players and coaches to develop than any other club in the area. That is exactly what this affiliation did.

In the past, players could justify playing at one club or another because all area clubs offered pretty much the same thing. With Gulf Coast Texans, there is no longer any doubt where players – who truly want to excel and impactthe game in local, high school, college or even national settings – should be.

By affiliating with an organization like the Dallas Texans, we gained access to a network of professionals and a wealth of information to guide us into becoming the best soccer club in the area.


Instant name recognition attracts players and assists in our ability to enter better events.

Increased tournament entries – Our tournaments are Nike sponsored events and attract better competition and more teams.

Professional development opportunities for our coaches – Coaches from the various affiliates will periodically travel to other affiliates to share ideas and to give the players varied learning experiences. The purpose is to facilitate an environment in which we learn from each other.

College ID Program - Texans teams are scouted closely by college coaches. In addition, the Texans' relationship with The Sports Source provides a "college night" for high school players and parents.

Nike sponsored camps and clinics – are available for all players locally and regionally, as Nike and the Dallas Texans work together to provide new player development opportunities for all ages.

Manchester United – The Dallas Texans have an exclusive affiliation with Manchester United, one of the most successful clubs in the world.

Sponsorships – The Texans organization has one of the largest member databases in the country. This helps all divisions attract major sponsorships. Sponsorship proceeds we generate remain entirely within our club.

Guest Play Opportunities – Players have the opportunity to guest play with other affiliates as they travel to events nationally and internationally.

Texans Summit – The Dallas Texans have an annual Summit meeting for all DOCs in the organization for the purpose of exchanging ideas and sharing information.

Updated and state of the art website developed by e7 Sports – Our website provides an opportunity for players to put their college resumes and profiles in front of hundreds of college coaches.

Assistance of full time administrator who provides support to our DOC, administrators, and board on any operational matter.

One stop uniform supplier.



All select level teams from U11-U18 are known as Gulf Coast Texans. When multiple level teams are formed in a particular age group, the highest level team is known as the Gulf Coast Texans. The 2nd level team is known as Gulf Coast Texans Red. Our recreational teams will continue to be known as Pensacola Futbol Club and wear red, white and black uniforms.